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Author Paula Miller standing outside in blue shirt

Paula Miller writes historical Christian romance just as she likes to read it: themes of heartache, hope, and redemption - complete with hints of intrigue, a dash of flirtation, and a sprinkle of humor.

An avid reader, researcher, and speaker, Paula has been published in multiple magazines including Homeschool Enrichment and on health-related websites including Traditional Cooking School. As a contributing author, her work has also appeared in multiple gift books and anthologies. 

A homeschooling mother of six, Paula and her husband live in the wide open spaces of South Dakota.

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Author Paula Miller writes historical Christian romance along with a smattering of children's books. She's an avid reader, researcher, and speaker at various events ranging from schools and libraries to online summits.

She's been published in multiple magazines including Homeschool Enrichment and on health-related websites including Traditional Cooking School. As a contributing author, her work has appeared in multiple gift books and anthologies such as Mistletoe Madness, Trust Your intuition, and The Best Mom in the World.

A mother of six, Paula is a homeschooling mother, volunteer, and loves having coffee dates with her children and three daughter-in-laws. 

She and her husband Travis make their home in the wide open spaces of South Dakota.

Most recent book

cover of children's book with three children and puppy in the snow

One-Eyed Jack

Faces of History Series - #1

ages 7 and up

Rattlesnakes, lassos, and bears! How much can one boy and his dog handle?

The first in the Faces of History Series, One-Eyed Jack tells the tale of a boy, Nate, on a cattle ranch in 1880's Montana. Nate has always wanted a dog, but his Pa does not. Only grudgingly does Pa allow Nate to keep the nearly dying puppy he finds.

Nate must stuggle to control his new dog and allow the Lord the time to sway Pa's heart.

Faces of History is a series dedicated to showing children and teens of faith during different periods of history. The hero of each tale overcomes their personal obstacles with perseverance and faith in the Lord. Written to entertain, these books also serve as an inspirational tool for any child of faith.


"Children love stories of kids and their pets and Paula Miller shares one that is sure to win their hearts."

- Janette Oke

Author of When Calls the Heart


"It was refreshing to finally find a book that has a male protagonist as well as a truly entertaining storyline - one that didn't have to be previewed or edited for fear of unwanted material. Paula Miller did a wonderful job of applying biblical principles through the book. 

I especially appreciated the way the siblings interacted with each other in a loving but still playful way. I also think Paula did a great job of capturing the dialogue and atmosphere of the time. My boys really liked the folk songs that were woven into the story. It is aimed at the popular 8-12 market, but it appeals to a much wider range, especially as a family read-aloud."

- Cheryl Bastarache

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

"One-Eyed Jack by Paula Miller is a wonderful children’s book. This is a tender tale of a young boy finding his way. Nate must learn to keep Jack under control, but is growing up right along with One-Eyed Jack. Together, they get lost in the woods and face one of nature’s most challenging obstacles! 

I imagined David fighting Goliath! This is a book that I enjoyed and plan to share it with my nephews, cousins and one day my daughter (Well, I read her a few excerpts as I was going along!) I think this is one you’ll want to share with your children."

- Christy LaShea

Inspirational Romance Author

"I loved this book and will use it for a novel study for Grade 5's. From the first page to the last, it was an excellent read. I couldn't put it down, so it was a fantastic afternoon!"

- Vicki Duby

"I heard recently that a book written on a level agreeable to a ten-year-old should be entertaining for adults. My visit with Nate in One-Eyed Jack leaves me believing that statement to be true. The language in One-Eyed Jack is beautiful, well fit for a family read aloud. 

Though the cover says this book is for ages seven and up, my pre-readers were able to follow along with the story and once we finished the first chapter, they were asking for me to read more. Children and adults alike will carry away fondness for this timeless tale."

- Jamie Driggers

"There are two things every boy should have: a bicycle and a dog. The conflict centers around Nate’s ability to keep Jack in line enough to satisfy Pa. Each episode, although predictable, is wholesome in nature and delightful to read. 

The emphasis on moral and religious principles is a welcomed addition to this story and the others in this series."

- Willie Elliot

"This is a delightful story set in pioneer days involving a young boy named Nate. Throughout the book, the writer weaves godly principles, teaching children the importance of being kind to one another and being honest. Nate learns how to trust in God and to believe in the power of prayer. 

The book teaches strong family values and respect for your parents. This book is excellent for young readers. They will find it fun and easy to read and will enjoy the adventures of Nate and Jack."

- Naomi Glenn

"One-Eyed Jack is an inspirational story for children and adults of all ages. This is a story that will please readers, especially during the holidays, as you follow this young boy's journey. 

The story does have many inspirational touches as well as showing a bit of history without either being overpowering. It's a wonderful and quick read I would suggest to anyone."

- Wendy Keel

"Nate believes that God will take care of it all but the day-by-day progress of controlling and training "One-Eyed Jack" is full of funny, adventurous, and scary moments as Jack proceeds to do what all young pups do as they grow in size and curiosity. 

The story behind Pa's dislike of dogs will hit you in the gut and make you definitely understand his attitude, but the life or death scene that will change this is well worth the wait for Nate as well as the reader. To say more would give away the story. 

It is enough to say that this is a great books for boys and girls. It's got plenty of dangerous scenes to fire up interest and keep it, and it's about a faith that is so real it's important without being gawky. It also has some very cool scenes about what it was to truly live as cattle farmers and hunters in the 1800s. Definitely worth reading! Nice job, Paula Miller!"

- Viviane Crystal

"This is a cuty story about Nate and his dog, One-Eyed Jack. Think "Little House on the Prairie" told from a boy's perspective. Her characters are well developed, and she includes little known facts about the historical period. 

What I loved most about the story was her Bible teaching. Ma and Pa demonstrate Christ to their family, and Grandpa has some interesting things to share with Nate about respecting your parents. In all, I think this is a series for any family."

- Deena