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From Sorrow to Peace

book cover with baby holding parent's finger

Do you know someone who’s lost their child – in miscarriage, stillbirth, or perhaps after just a short time on earth? Maybe that person is you.

That pain and loss can only be described as ‘indescribable’. There are no words available.

Our daughter was stillborn just four days before she was due. We share our personal story to give hope to the hopeless, comfort to the grieving, and to minister to parents who’ve been through the same heartache.

Please feel free to download and use as a ministry tool.

When You Know, You Know

book cover with baby holding parent's finger

She stood there with her arms crossed over her chest, her chin jutting out stubbornly. If it would’ve been any other man on the receiving end of her displeasure, he would have laughed out loud.

As it was, it was all he could do to keep the amused smile from his face.

She couldn’t have stood more than an inch over five feet tall. Probably a hundred pounds soaking wet. If he’d wanted to, he could pick her up with one arm and throw her over his shoulder like a sack of feed.

Each time she showed up at his blacksmith shop with that look on her face, the thought became a little more appealing.

“Miss Harcourt.”

She barely inclined her head in his direction. “Mr. Cain.”

Nothing but bravado this one.